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A fire logo on a red circle color field. Suggesting to clients that its time to heat things up for their brand and business and work with our team to develop a new brand strategy or media strategy.

Story Of The MTN.

Embarking on remarkable ventures


fueled by the aspiration to craft something extraordinary. AEphoric Creative, now proudly known as, emerged from a desire to create memorable experiences. Our brand, rooted in outdoor and rural pride, reflects an aesthetic guided by unwavering energy and passion. Join us in exploring the narrative of and its visionary, Cory Ecker.

Unleashing Creativity Beyond Design Hours:, born from Cory Ecker's dedication to design and illustration, seamlessly combines creativity with strategic thinking. With a background in branding and apparel design, Cory's ardor for web development and content creation expands our capabilities.

From the Outdoors to Your Brand: is more than a branding and media agency; it's a catalyst for transformation. Drawing inspiration from the outdoors, our work instills pride and connection into each project, breaking through digital noise with distinctive aesthetics and unyielding energy.

Diverse Ventures, One Unifying Thread: has successfully undertaken ventures like Parkway Culture Merch and Apparel and Cory Ecker Design. These projects showcase our versatility and commitment to delivering exceptional results, enriching our portfolio.

Igniting Brands, Unleashing Potential:

Our mission at is clear – to ignite brands and unlock their true potential. Share your story, goals, and vision with us, and witness tailored solutions that create captivating branding experiences, transforming ideas into unparalleled realities.

The Odyssey of

This journey showcases the might of passion, creativity, and dedication. What began as a quest for captivating experiences evolved into a powerhouse branding and media agency. With Cory Ecker's expertise and our team's brilliance, we continue to push boundaries and ignite brands, leaving a trail of success. Join the family and experience the transformative power of ignited creativity and passion.

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Portrait of Apparel and Product Designer Cory Ecker. Cory is the Owner and Opperator of

That's Our Story, Whats Yours?

No matter the size or stage of your brand, we're here to fan the flames of potential and help you blaze a trail in your industry. We believe that this risk-free consultation is the perfect opportunity for us to connect, greet one another, and embark on an exciting journey together.

So, let's kindle the fire of possibilities!


Take advantage of this risk-free one-hour chat to ignite your brand's potential. Discover the power of MTNBlaze Branding and Media, where we'll work together to ensure your brand shines brilliantly amidst the competition.

What about AI?

At MTNBlaze, we stand as stewards of creative ownership and integrity. We pledge to our clients that every design crafted by us is a testament to human ingenuity and skill. In a landscape inundated with AI-generated designs, we affirm our commitment to delivering only handmade designs, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that speaks volumes about the value we place on creativity.

Our process is not just about creating aesthetically pleasing designs; it's about infusing each piece with the essence of human touch. We believe that the extra effort, thought, and dedication invested in our handmade designs go beyond the ordinary, adding unique value that sets our work apart in a sea of automated creations.

Furthermore, any AI utilized on our site is strictly for temporary placeholder purposes, underscoring our dedication to the authenticity of the design process. We recognize the importance of preserving the genuine connection between the creator and the creation, and we pledge to maintain that authenticity in every project we undertake.

Choosing MTNBlaze means choosing more than just a design – it means choosing the commitment to originality, the dedication to human craftsmanship, and the assurance that your brand's story is crafted with integrity. Subscribe today and experience the difference that genuine, handmade designs can make for your brand.

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